20 Facts About Me

Welcome to my official frist blogpost, if some of you follow me on twitter (OnceUponXDream) you will know that I was on blogger to begin with but I decided to move to WordPress.. Anyway let’s get on with the post, I decided to do 20 facts about me so you lovely readers can get to know me abit better.. (Plus I love reading facts about me post because I’m a little abit nosey😂) 

  1. I love animals
  2. Love going to the seaside
  3. Love the sound of the rain especially at night
  4. My star sign is Aries 
  5. I love baking, reading, music, TV shows & movies 
  6. I’m quite a shy person
  7. Disney obsessed
  8. I own more pyjamas then normal clothes
  9. Love shopping especially online shopping
  10. Love pastel colour’s
  11. Like watching YouTube videos especially vlogs 
  12. Obsessed with fluffy blanket’s I own 4 already🙈
  13. Friends is my favorite TV show ever 
  14. I’m the youngest of my family 
  15. Love food
  16. Love unicorn’s
  17. Love lush literally could live in there shop it smells so good
  18. Like painting my nails 
  19. Love quotes they just so inspirational
  20. I love having some downtime & catching up on things whether its reading or watching my favorite TV shows or movies.

Well that is my 20 facts about me, took some time think of them but eventually did it..

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

                                     ❤One Of My Favorite Quotes❤


One thought on “20 Facts About Me

  1. I’m nosey too, so I also enjoy these posts lol! I also own 4 fluffy blankets and that quote is lovely! I’m with ya on how great quotes are, they really are inspirational, I love it when a quote speaks to me!
    Have a lovely day!
    -Cait xx

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