Current Tv Shows Im Loving

Welcome back, dont know about anyone but i just love a decent tv show ones where they put you on the edge of your seat or make you shout out at ths tv making you look like a crazy women to people walking past your house😂 so if you are with me on the tv show train or just looking for something new to watch then carry on reading because i am sharing with you my current tv shows im loving..

Lets start with the one whats in the picture Pretty Little Liars now this show will literally make you scream at the tv not just at one episode literally throughout all of the seasons but it a good kinda of scream because its so good with the plots & twist you like wanna solve the mystery yourself..

Teen Wolf i love this show, if you love any Supernatural shows you have you watch this one add it to your list of shows you want to watch, i promise its good.. Also if you have watched teen wolf before Stiles is my favorite..

Riverdale i recently discovered this show on Netflix & to my luck they was only a couple of episodes so i wasnt behind for once😂. But you have to watch this show for me personally it kinda of has a Pll vibe, but its good in its own story line & its not exactly to Pll for those thinking it going to be like pll it ain’t..

The Originals this is one of my favourite shows to watch you first see the three main ones in the vampire diaries, but it tells the story of the family, how they became Vampires & how some Vampires fear Kluas because he is a hybrid.

The Vampire Diaries love this show, its probably one of the first Supernatural tv show i watch & probably where my obsessed came from i first saw it on tv one night when they were nothing on so thought i see what it was about & i literally couldnt wait till the next episode was on to find out what happened but that was season so i just had to find out what happens before so i bought the box set & watched it ever night… but its so good like the stroy line it incredible with the plots.. 

Once upon a time i love love this show its perfect for any fairytale fan, love how it has all of the different fairytale stories in one show & it has little different plots to each stroy..

Shadowhunters love this show it kinda of a Supernatural show but a different sort if you watch it then you’ll understand what im trying to say.. ha

Thats all of the tv shows i have been loving i definitely recommend all of the shows if you havent watch them already 

Hope you enjoy this post



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