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Todays post i will be sharing with you whats on my disney wishlist i love anything disney related & i always love sharing the disney love with anyone including on my Instagram (OnceUponADreamxo) so hopefully ill be available to share some of the disney love with you lovely readers.

☆Chip Mug☆Disney Store – £14.99☆

Ive been after this mug for a while now & i do need to get him because he is so cute & i need to add him to my beauty and the beast mug collection which i am totally growing..

☆Moana Dvd☆Disney Store – £9.99☆

Ever since this movie came out & i saw it, its been my favourite movie of the year (so far) i just love it, i could just put it on for some background music or something to listen to while im doing stuff & i can always get distracted easily.. Also the music is so catchy that some of the songs get stuck inside my head for weeks..

☆Pua Large Soft Toy☆Disney Store – £40.99☆

My favourite from Moana has to be Pua he so adorable i mean you dont see him alot throughout the movie but he still my fave, thats probably why this item is on my wishlist i definitely need him to add to my disney soft toy collection he abit expensive right now but if disney store do what they did last year just before Christmas where they put some of the large soft toys in sale then i will definitely be getting him..

☆The Little Mermaid Pyjama Set☆Primark – £10☆

I love primark pyjamas especially there disney ones i normally go in primark for something & always end up coming out with a pair of pyjamas (not like i need anymore) but when i saw these on their website i had to add them to my wishlist they are so cute & i love the colours on them, so cute..

☆Beauty & The Beast Travel Mug☆Clintons – £8☆

When i first heard them clintons was doing a beauty and the beast range i knew instantly that i had to see it & once i saw the pictures i had to get some & add them to my wishlist frist i bough Beauty is found within notebook & i love it the cover is so pretty and when you open it, it has a mirror inside, the second piece i want from their range is this gorgeous travel mug.. 

☆Thumper Medium Soft Toy☆Disney Store – £19.99☆ 

Ive been after thumper for a while just havent got round to buying him yet but im definitely going to get him, to add him to my collection..

☆Beauty and the Beast Be our guest Mug☆Disney Store – £10.99☆

I love this mug the detail on it is so pretty, definitely going to get it & add it to my beauty and the beast mug collection..

☆Disney Traditions Love Endures Beauty & The Beast☆H Samuels – £44.99☆

This has been on wishlist for ages it is so gorgeous i mean its abit expensive but definitely gonna get it one day..

Also on my wishlist is to get some minnie ears they just look so pretty..

Hope you enjoyed reading whats on my disney wishlist…. See you next time



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