Top 12 Disney Flims 

I have loved disney for as long as i could remember & disney flims play a huge part of my life wether they distract me from having bad days or if im in a bad mood they always manage to cheer me up especially the music disney has the most catchy songs ever..

Beauty And The Beast.

This is my all time favourite film i love the stroyline & the music, it also show that you dont always have to be same as everyone else & its good to be different & doesn’t matter who you fall in love.

The Princess And The Frog.

Love this flim it shows that hard working does really pay off but sometimes working too hard to get what you want can not always mean you want that when your heart want something else.


This shows that everyone has a dream wether you are the smallest or tallest person on earth everyone has a dream that they want to achieve.


This flim just has the most catchy songs ever i can never get them out of my head & its a brilliant flim too my favourite is little Pua he is so cute..

Saving Mr. Banks 

This flim is just wow i love the stroy behind how they created Mary poppings & how the author was & the stroy behind the author like her background also Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney so well.

Mary Poppings

You just cant beat abit of mary poppings & the songs are just so good definitely one of those to watch on a bad day.

The Little Mermaid 
Ive love the little mermaid since i was little same with BATB i just love ariel with her big red hair.

I just love how merida doesnt want to do the normal princess stuff & how she turns her mum into a bear but it follows the journey on how to get her mum turned back without her father knowing.

Alice In Wonderland 

I just love alice in wonderlane & through the looking glass because its all weird & mad.

The Princess Diaries 1&2 

These were my childhood ive probably watch these too much when i was little but what can you not love about that she  finding out that she is a loss princess like hello yesss i bloody dreamt after watching these that i was a loss princess(dont we all😂).

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

First time i watch this i through it was weird & how come im still watching it but there again i still continued to watch i watch it at halloween & christmas its abit of both really.

Hope you enjoyed reading my top 12 disney flims..

What are some of your favourite disnsy flims or movies in general?? 

See you next time 



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